Head of the Museum KAA, Chairman of the AMIDA Jabar (2013-2015)


AMIDA Jabar Discussion Session (Photo: Thomas Siregar)

The Regional Consultative of West Java Museum Association (AMIDA Jabar), held on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 in Lembang, Bandung has unanimously voted Thomas Ardian Siregar (Head of the Museum KAA) as Chairman of the AMIDA Jabar and Sanga Priagana (Head of the Museum Barli) as Secretary-General of the AMIDA Jabar (2013-2015).

In the discussion session, Optimizing Museum Function Towards Independence raised as a theme and gained a special attention from the participants. The museum management is expected to start projecting themselves on an independent museum management program based on both community involvement and creativity. “Public Participatory concept that has been initiated by Museum KAA through Friends of the Museum KAA will be applied to several museums in West Java,” said Thomas, in Bandung, Wednesday evening (05/15/2013).

In International Museum Day 2013 held in Museum KAA, a demand of museum creativity was reviewed extensively by Sanga Priagana. “What a great creative energy in Bandung there is. They are especially the museums here“, said Sanga as quoted by Naluri Bella Wati in her Twitter account @naluriii, Saturday (05/18/2013).

AMIDA Jabar, which is an official organization for museums in West Java, is structurally attached to the Indonesian Museum Association (AMI). AMIDA Jabar run the AMI vision of empowering the museum for the humans benefit, nature, and environment as well as to support the AMI mission, which is to increase the role of museums in society and the public appreciation to museum, to improve the museum professionalism and image, and to accommodate the museum challenge and interest. (sppnkaa/dsa)