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The Indonesia-Japan Culture Collaboration Exhibition, featuring the mask exhibition of Kesucian Sukma (the Dignity of Soul) and some other arts and cultural attractions, will be held in Museum KAA (Jalan Asia Afrika No.65 Bandung) for a week (04 – 09 June 2013) as a result of cooperation of Museum KAA and Museum of the Umnesato-Noh Mask (Japan).

The exhibition will be open for public for a week. In addition to exhibiting the mask collections of Museum of the Umnesato-Noh Mask, Museum KAA in cooperation with Abun Adira Art Gallery and Museum of the Sri Baduga also display some rare collections of Indonesian masks. They are two collections of prehistoric period ones, i.e. Hanuman mask (Solo) and an old East Kalimantan mask. Beside that, a collection of Leti mask (West Nusa Tenggara) and the one of Bali made by an Indonesian mask maestro, Ni Nyoman Tangguh, will surely enrich the repertoire of our philosophical value of mask culture.

The exhibition will share a cultural activity which presents completely informative and educative knowledge on cultural tradition, such as a performance of dance and music, an Indonesia-Japan mask workshop, a mask photography workshop, a film screening, and a talk show with mask experts“, said Thomas Ardian Siregar in Bandung, Thursday, 30 May 2013.

Tuesday, 04 June 2013, at 05:30 – 09:00 p.m.: a performance of Japanese Mask Dance (Mitsui Kawasaki) and Cirebonese Mask Dance (Ineu Arini) and a musical collaboration of Syakuhaci Japan (Hiroyuki Murata) and Kecapi Sunda (Kabuyutan Braga).

Wednesday, 05 June 2013, at 09:00 a.m. – 02:00 p.m.: a workshop of Indonesian-Japanese Mask (Soei Ogura) and a mask dance of Japan (Mitsui Kawasaki and STSI Bandung) as well as a dance performance of “Tari Dewi” (Pohachi Dance Group).

Saturday, 08 June 2013, at 09:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. : a workshop of mask photography (Tagawa Kiyomi) and a stage performance of Taisho Goto (UPI, Bandung) and Karinding music (Karmila Group).

Sunday, 09 June 2013, at 01:00 – 04:00 p.m. : the following events organized as culmination session of a week exhibition on mask, i.e. a talk show of “Mask as an Entity of Asian-African Culture” presenting Endo Suanda (Art and Culture Enthusiasm) and Soei Ogura (Japanese Mask Carver) and as moderator, Harry Dim (Art and Culture Enthusiasm) and a stage performance of Nagasaki Odori (Widyatama University, Bandung).

The exhibition is one of the efforts to follow up the cultural cooperation mandated by the Final Communiqué of the 1955 Bandung Conference. The great civilizations in Asia-Africa, which have a universal spiritual foundation, show plentifully the mask cultures. For example, mask has come as part of a religious ceremony in Africa. In Egypt, a mask is worn at funerals. Japanese, Chinese, and several other Asian cultures also have their cultural masks that, in a certain sense, are influenced by the values of Buddhism and Hinduism as well as elements of Indian culture.

Accordingly, the leaders of the Asian-African countries in the 1955 Bandung Conference has considered essentially any efforts to promote cultural cooperation between Asian-African countries in support of mutual understanding process among nations. Asia-Africa, as the cradle of great religions and cultures, shared noble values pursued by many cultures and civilizations.

The exhibition is hopefully expected to be the best opportunity for the citizens of Bandung, especially the younger generation to learn and preserve the philosophical values from the heritage masks.

The program is organized in the spirit of coooperation among government institutions and communities, i.e. Provincial Government of West Java, Museum of Sri Baduga, Abun Adira Art Gallery, Provincial Office of West Java Tourism and Culture, The Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta, Leading Figures in West Java Art and Culture, Student Association of Photographers of Padjadjaran University, Department of Japanese Language and Literature of Widyatama University, Department of Japanese Language and Literature of University of Education Indonesia, Kabuyutan Braga Community, and Karinding Karmila Music Group as well as Pohaci Dance Gorup. (sppnkaa/dsa)

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